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"A beautiful complex that will only get better as time goes on. The amenities are great. The rooftop lounge is like a restaurant space. Real classy."
"I am new to the community but absolutely loving it so far. The people here are so friendly, the maintenance team has been so responsive and helpful and I love the amenities! The gym, pool, and lounging areas are so nice and well maintained. This is a great community!"
"Need more and cheaper parking. Kinda ridiculous that we had to resort to parking in a bunch of dirt lots to accommodate all residents XD. The office boasts about their "1.6 spots per apartment ratio," which is supposed to be good for the area. However, it is apparently not enough. I figure if we pay so much for residency, we should expect more than enough parking. Just my two cents, thanks for listening."
"Love living here, staff has been very patient and helpful. Great amenities, great location, great community that’s being built. Apartment itself is such a great space, and love that it has a little patio!"
"We are enjoying living at Alexan Crossing. We have fantastic neighbors, the staff is highly responsive, and the amenities are beautiful and well-kept."
"This apartment complex has great amenities and is in a great location. I like the layout of the apartment itself and the modern design of it."
"The community is great place to live in. Everyone has been very nice and friendly. Everything is very close to the property which is nice!!!!"
"Beautiful community. My significant other and I just moved in but have loved staying here! The rent is a bit expensive and I am still waiting for more students to move in."
"The apartments were thrown together, there’s no parking and the neighbors below me are a nightmare and you did nothing to make it right. I wish I felt like I was supported. Instead I dealt with a loser neighbor slamming on my ceiling for months."
"I’m very excited to be living here! The management is very friendly. I’m hoping that any issues I found when I moved in will get fixed soon. I also think it would be better to give people information about how to pay utilities and how to set up rent autopay would be helpful to have upon move-in."
"I feel very safe and at home here! The apartments are very suitable for comfortable living, and the amenities are fantastic! The paths from the apartment complex lead just about anywhere, and there are so many bike paths. The niche market has so many great food options to choose from!"
"Alexan Diagonal Crossing has been a good experience thus far- I've recently moved to the area and the location has definitely been a life saver. Other than the occasional thefts within the area (which one could attribute as a Boulder issue), I am highly satisfied with my experience (the move in special was also a big plus.)"
"More emptying of pet waste and bags for dogs. Trash service doesn’t always pick p even though it’s left outside due to assigned times. More communication from office or maintenance on when they might stop by on times and scheduling when maintenance issues arise. Kinda kept guessing on when we need to be home because of the dog and it prohibits to do Daily activities and routine. Sometimes we have waited all day to not know that they won’t be able to fix it til the next day, so maybe better communication on that."
"I love my neighbors, especially the shady one!! Me meet at the roof top, where the good times roll on high! And the ping pong game is on!!"
"Overall good. The apartment and amenities are very nice and the grounds/landscaping are beautiful. Staff are very professional and courteous. There have been some minor hiccups/communications gaps with getting all of the amenities available and parking figured out but it's mostly resolved. On the North end of the complex there's a "pond" that's really just a mosquito breeding ground at the moment. There are some signs that say to take dogs to the "designated pet area"-- not sure where that is exactly but haven't run into too many issues with where my pet is allowed to be or not."
"Alexan Diagonal has been great so far! I love amenities and how brand new everything is. Everyone is so friendly and they do a great job making the place feel like home."
"I am extremely frustrated that the $1,500 gift card I was initially told by Milan could be used towards rent can no longer be used on the resident portal. When I realized this I spoke with Rhys who informed me I could use PayPal or Venmo (Venmos is not compatible with these cards and PayPal takes a huge chunk of the funds). It is false advertising to claim that this amount of money could be used towards rent only for it not to work every time I've tried to use it on the resident portal. Alexandra's response was essentially "deal with it" and now I am stuck paying more rent than I had initially planned for due to their negligence. They are choosing not to fix it and I feel scammed and misled. She refused to do anything to rectify this issue and just told me to use it towards something else. I am extremely disappointed in management."
"The microwave trips the circuit breaker frequently but maintenance could not determine the cause. Using the oven sets of the fire alarm often due to the heat sensor on the ceiling above it when stuff isn't even burning."
"It’s great the that sucks is the parking. There is no where four loading and on loading. Which everyone needs. The shelf in the closet could be high Close touch the shelfs"
"The clubhouse has awesome amenities which really make it worth living here. The apartments are also very well insulated so they don't get too hot or cold which is great so that you don't need to blast the AC or heat system. The units are built very cheaply. Anytime your neighbors open their front doors, it will slam and shake your entire apartment. If you live on the second or first floor, you will hear your neighbors walking, talking, dogs barking non-stop. I've lived in several apartment communities throughout Denver and have never had this problem as bad as it is here. Parking is an absolute nightmare, very limited amount of space and if there are workers and or if other residents have guests, there are virtually no spots. It can feel stressful to leave in the night or to get home late because if there are no spots, there is truly nowhere to park as this neighborhood is isolated on its own. For Boulder, this is likely one of the better communities and deals you'll be able to find."
"Very disappointed in the random towing at the complex. Someone was parked in my spot on Sunday and I didn’t call to have it towed. You’re creating a toxic environment over a $25/ month parking spot. Unfortunately, one of my friends came over to help me move a piece of furniture today and got towed after ~15 min in a spot. There is no clear no parking ( resident parking only) by the 1-4 spots. ( previously guest parking!!!) Nobody was in the parking lot at 5pm on Tuesday but her car was towed with a dog inside. The windows were cracked and her purse was visable for the driver. We recovered the vehicle but the towing company were complete thugs and assholes. Get the parking numbers resprayed and more visitor parking. Obviously built the community with inadequate parking for guests. That’s on the city of Boulder and the developer for setting this up for failure. Canfield is always full and there is no parking to be found. Very disappointed. Please let me know how you are going to fix this"
"Awesome apartment, awesome amenities, love living here more than anywhere else I've ever lived. Love going to the gym and the pool, very helpful staff and maintenance."
"It's been terrific! Would recommend for anyone moving to Boulder. Great range of people in the community from college age to retired. Love the amenities."
"It’s been really great here! The staff is amazing and very helpful as are the maintenance workers. The amenities are great and so convenient to have."
"Wonderful community. So many options for my service animal and an abundance of activities close by. Always clean and full of green plants. Never met an unfriendly face."
"Love the appliances and the layout is amazing. Much more room than my last apartment. The convenient parking is very useful and the trash valet system seems to be working great. I do hear things from the apartment upstairs such as the pipes and music, but overall I am having a pretty great experience at Alexan diagonal crossing"
"Lots of misleading from the leasing team, so far the apartment is ok but not great, and the maintenance team is below average. There is an unreasonable amount of parking in the complex"
"The Aprtment seems really nice , untill you live it and you see the flaws , I just think it could have been done better ,there is only about 3 open parking spaces that are actually close to each of the building."
"I feel very happy with my change of residence and appreciate the newness and quality of construction. The management is very communicative snd even sent out a warning when a coyote was seen on the premises."
"The Alexan Diagonal staff has been very informative and great to talk with. Alexandra has been a great help and answered any questions I had along the way."
"I moved from Chicago. I love Boulder and the community. It's everything I wanted from shared spaces and location to unit layout and appliances. It's all fantastic."
"I moved in about a month ago and so far everything is great. I appreciate the responsive communication about what's happening in the community. The complex is clean and orderly. Hope to meet more neighbors and make friends soon."
"It has been alright here so far. I look forward to being able to hopefully use the gym without a mask as soon as possible because that’s irritating, but I know that is not the complex’s problem."
"good looking view of the mountains.... good amenities.... and good service.... the leasing office people are very friendly and helpful . good community"
"Maintenance staff is amazing and front desk is helpful. Love the location and that the complex is brand new. Nice neighbors too! You will not be disappointed."
"Alexan Diagional Crossing is the place you want to be and live. The Property Management Team is the Best of the Best in Boulder. They will go above and beyond to ensure your new apartment home is everything you desire and more!"
"Neighbors are nice down to earth people. The community opportunities are great. Lots of outdoor areas to enjoy and comfy indoor niches to relax in"
"The team was efficient and extremely responsive during the application and move in process. All amenities and policies were thoroughly explained. It was clear that there is a high degree of coordination and communication."
"So far the staff has been helpful answering questions and getting all the leasing paperwork in order. Have not yet moved in but so far things seem well."
"It's very nice, and brand new. Great community and area. Sometimes the noise of the train can get a bit much, but I'm starting to get used to it."
"Been living here for a approximately week - so far so good. Leasing staff is very professional and helpful. I appreciate all the areas to walk around with my dog."
"I haven't moved in yet, but the apartment and common areas look beautiful. I was extremely impressed with Alexandra, and am confident that the property will be well maintained with a caring property management team!"
"So far, I have been very impressed by my experience at Alexan Diagonal Crossing. The apartments are gorgeous and spacious and although we are close to the highway, we cannot hear anything. After living in a townhome with a private landlord, it has been amazing to have so many amenities and services. The bike path is perfect if you have a pup - it will take you all over Boulder and has a gorgeous mountain view. Every employee I have worked with here has been very attentive and kind; Milan, Rhys, and Alexandra were so helpful throughout the entire leasing process. Looking forward to the rest of my time here!"
"My time at Alexan Diagonal Crossing has been wonderful so far. The apartments are done really well, top of the line amenities, and the community has been very welcoming. The only reason I am docking half a star is because the valet trash service is a mandatory cost as well as the package concierge when they don’t seem entirely necessary. Overall very happy and no issues with this property."
"The community is wonderful and people are really nice. Neighbors are helping each other when needed. You can access the highways and trails with minutes of walking"
"Honestly, this is the best place I've had the opportunity to call home! Not only is my apartment spacious and loaded with the most up-to-date appliances, but the community features amenities unlike any place I've ever lived. The gym within the clubhouse has every piece of equipment I need for every workout, and the fact that the pool and hot tub are open year round makes for some relaxing experiences, especially when it snows. Management, the staff, and everyone I've met in the community are some of the friendliest people. I'm ecstatic about living here!"
"So far everything here has been going well! Everyone is super friendly. We had an issue upon move in and they were quick to respond and have someone come help. The only thing is they were not clear on how w could sign ups and reserve spots for the gym."
"A beautiful location and attractive apartments, the walking/bicycle paths are a huge plus. Staff members are friendly and always helpful. Great customer service from maintenance as well."
"Nice from first appearance but have noticed many interior flaws mostly on cabinetry and transitions that makes it seem that this was executed with quickness and not quality in mind. Staff is good but parking is extremely limited for the amount of residents, for guests and multiple cars."
"Community and apartment have been great! Hoping to meet more residents & neighbors when the weather is nicer, and we can enjoy the outdoor amenities (grills, pool, etc.)."
"The apartments are modern and clean as are the shared facilities (clubhouse, gym, etc.). On top of that, the staff is great - super responsive and friendly!"
"It's been such an amazing experience living here! We just moved from California, and having an apartment that is so accessible to downtown, is beautifully designed, and has so many amenities has made our transition so smooth!"
"So far so great, I've just moved in, and the experience with the leasing office - Rhys and Alexendra - was really wonderful. It all happened very smoothly. The apartment is beautiful. It's only day 2 after move-in but so far so great!"
"Property management has been nothing short of flawless as I’m preparing to move in next month. The half star deduction is more because of RentCafe’s website integration and feeling clunky and borderline broken in Safari and Firefox."
"Nice community that I’m looking forward to living in. Quite area, beautiful new apartment, with great amenities like the pool, gym and club house!"
"Increased utilities cost without warning by over 7x the previous months cost. When questioned, leasing office did not have a full explanation but advised we should continue to expect this."
"The community itself is really nice! We’ve had a couple times where we’ve had questions (about bills or stuff that wasn’t working well in the apartment) that weren’t answered or resolved well. But, overall, it’s been a very good experience to live at Alexan Diagonal and we are very glad we picked this complex to live in!"
"Nice apartments with nice amenities! Located right along the side of Boulder which relieves you from the busy city side of Boulder. And dog friendly!"
"Friendly people and an amazing space! We love that the creek path and cotton wood trail are right out our front door! The community room has a great gym and hot tub as well."
"Nice location and amenities. Great place for those new to Boulder. We enjoy having access to walking and bike trails immediately from the complex."
"Living here is great! love the neighbors and staff. they are very kind and helpful! the amenities are great and the views are great. just wish the snow was plowed a little better around the complex."
"Extremely dog-friendy - we've already visited the dog spa many times:) Maintenance has very quick response time. Overall a great place to live."
"Great apartment- well-built apartments, service is top notch, amenities are great, and location is awesome (close to Boulder but far enough that it is relatively quiet)"
"I love being a resident here at Alexan Diagonal! I love the community and all the amenities Alexan Diagonal has to offer. When I was apartment hunting in September, I spent two days checking out 10-15 places in Denver/ Boulder areas. This was my first time in the Boulder area and I immediately feel in love with these apartments. Alexan Diagonal was actually the first apartment in Boulder I saw, I went to about 5 other places that day and decided this was the one for me."
"Community is starting to fill up and become more lively! Apartment has a very modern look that can appeal to people of all generations or life styles."
"I love it here at Alexan! The apartment is so nice, especially the kitchen which is important to me because I love to cook! We also love the access to the gym, as well as so many great trails to run on near by!"
"Great amenities, new, and modern furnishings. I'm really enjoying the hot tub and pool and proximity to downtown Boulder and Foothills/Highway 36."
"Great staff, fantastic apartments and overall amazing quality of living. I have had very few problems during my stay at Alexandra Diagonal crossing, and almost all have been resolved thanks in a quick and satisfactory manner."
"Overall, the community has been terrific. Staff has been friendly and communicative. We are new to boulder and have found the location to be very nice."
"My partner and I just moved to Boulder from California. There were some issues with the apartment in the initial inspection. The staff here has beyond exceeded my expectations. This is a brand new community and given that my partner and I are the first to occupy our unit, it's expected that issues will arise here and there. It definitely softens the blow to have an attentive staff doing everything they can to ensure you're happy with your new home. Alexandra has been awesome in getting us situated. Ben, Lewis, and Blake (maintenance) are wonderful, courteous and friendly. We couldn't be happier."
"Continuing to love Alexan Diagonal! We are getting more settled in and love all of the space we have in our apartment! Also, I am so happy with the cleanliness and precautions taken all around the complex for everyone’s safety. Everyone is just so nice and every staff member is so welcoming and always has a smile on their faces! Thank you!"
"it’s been great here so far! everything is taken care of in a timely manner and everyone is super nice and helpful! the amenities are great."
"ParkM and your portal are not functioning well, your office staff is excellent. Paying both ParkM and my rent were difficult because of above"
"Administration is cooperative and prompt. Community center is very well architechtured and gives warm feelings. Snow removal from main drive is prompt, but it can be improved by cleaning the sidewalks as well."
"This is a great complex to live at. I live in a one bedroom with my boyfriend and our 1 year old dog and we all have enough room. There is plenty of closet and storage space. It looks great but you can tell the apartment is made from some cheap materials, such as cheap fake wood on cabinets and flooring. Overall a great place with responsive management!"
"Very well-managed. Staff is responsive and friendly. High quality amenities. Good use of technology to simplify both move-in and day-to-day."
"We have loved living in this community. While COVID has shifted everyone’s plans and routines, the community’s staff has done a good job of taking necessary precautions while still allowing residents to enjoy the experience. The maintenance staff are also very quick to respond to service requests and helpful and resolve the issue quickly, which is greatly appreciated. Great value and great living experience!"
"The leasing staff was very helpful and provided a great move in experience, but I am incredibly disappointed in the state of affairs the apartment was in upon move in. There was an active gas leak, no heat for 4 days, and paint spots all over the floor. I had expected much more from a new building, basic checks should have been done before our move in."
"Everyone at the leasing office made the application and move in process a breeze. Amazing energy and people here, very excited to be a part of the community!!"
"Definitely a great community I’m glad to be a part of. A couple minor things could be improved like ease of mail access. Overall though, not a big deal. Love most that it is brand new and modern!"
"The experience of choosing my next home was challenging due Covid adding the fact I was out out of the country (9 hours ahead) for 4.5 months. Alexandra reached just about three months ago after she notice I was interested with the apartments, and ever since she was nothing but amazing and accommodating. Alexandra definitely walk that extra mile for me, doing visual tours, sending me pictures, videos of the several apartment options they offer, calling, emailing (more than I could count). Sabina, the property manager was very helpful and understanding. She was so patient and pleasant answering all my questions on an international phone call that lasted more than an hour. My apartment is absolutely beautiful, and more than I was expecting. When I arrived, Alexandra took the time to walk through and explain about the clubhouse, community and the apartment. Thank you so much for the wonderful service guys. I appreciate you all."
"Alexan Diagonal Crossing is a community with excellent amenities and great people that care for you. Alexandria was amazing ensuring that I got a good feel of the community while talking to her remotely. Upon arrival both Ben and Lewis were prompt taking care issues. I am grateful and thank you for the amazing service."
"It’s amazing here. I feel so welcomed and the move in process was easy. The location is great you can get anywhere in 5-7 minutes. The views are unreal. The clubhouse is amazing with an unreal fitness area and pool/lounge. My apartment has such great appliances and the floor plan makes it feel bigger than what it is!"
"Every employee here has met me with nothing but positivity, kindness, and professionalism. It's so refreshing to encounter. I've had some rough experiences with property management groups that had me a little on guard at first but have been delighted to find such a genuine group here at Alexan."
"My experience has been fine so far. I can tell the apartments were built rather quickly as there is paint splatters on corners and walls, but I think it adds character to this new space."
"Moving to Alexandria has been amazing! Not only was the transition easy- we also loved the place! The community center is my favorite but the bike trails are also great and easily accessible. Definitely recommend."
"This place is very new to me and my girl friend. We are from out of town and we’re not high maintenance so this perfect. Everything looks extremely new and fresh I’ve only been for two days and I can’t wait to greet the people around us."
"Couldn’t have been an easier move from the East Coast. The staff was always available to help and ensure that everything was ready as soon as I arrived. With an amazing view and friendly community, i couldn’t feel more at home."
"Very nice community! Very friendly staff and the leasing process was super smooth! Excited for more resident events. The team here makes everything run super easy."
"I absolutely love it here, are neighbors are nice and the leasing team is friendly. The location is perfect and close to everything. The amenities are great!"
"I love cooking in this kitchen- all the counter space and cabinets- amazing!! I also love the amenities at the club house. One month in and loving it!"
"We love our Alexan Apartment! Everything is brand new and so well kept. All of the staff is so nice and friendly. The amenities are amazing! We were able to cancel our old gym membership as soon as moving in!"
"Great apartment but neighbors smoke pot much of the time and the bad smell comes through the air conditioning. I hope this can be fixed as apart from that it’s a wonderful place to live."
"Excellent staff and maintenance. Amenities are great between the pool area, the clubroom, and convenience to trails for walking and biking. Would be near perfect without the train. It’s supposed to be a quiet zone but it definitely is not at the moment."
"Good customer service and great amenities. Comfortable living community. Enjoy the apartment activities so far and looking forward ti more in the future."
"Amazing experience from the moment I made contact in search of a virtual tour, as I was making the move from Chicago within 7 days. Sabina and the rest of the leasing staff here have been incredible. I feel so welcomed and the process was seamless. Pretty amazing that they were able to make a 7 day window work without any stress to me. 10/10!"
"I have enjoyed my time at Alexan Diagonal Crossing because the layout is amazing. I love how dog friendly it is, how cool the clubhouse is, and the views!"
"Very nice amenities and great staff. We really enjoy living here. Our only complaint is that some of the appliances and cabinets are a bit rickety/cheap feeling."
"Wonderful place to live! Great neighborhood and neighbors. Outstanding property management staff who really cares. Quiet and clean complex. Maintenance staff does a great job and takes care of issues quickly."
"Not very satisfied, the move in was stressful. I’m still waiting to hear back about everything wrong with my apartment. Until then I’m not satisfied with this apartment at all so manny things wrong and no one doing anything about it to even try to fix them."
"The ammentities are amazing! There are so many free features offered that you would usually have to pay for outside of the community- gym, pool, dog wash! Management is quick to respond to any questions and works hard to resolve any issues."
"I love being a resident here at Alexan Diagonal! From the staff to the residence, everyone is so sweet and welcoming! We love the community, everything they have to offer and all the amenities! Great place to live, extremely happy!"
"at alexan diagonal they have great communication and any problems that needed fixing were taken care of quickly! the clubhouse is great as well as the pool. kept clean and the mask rules are much appreciated."
"All the staff are very nice and welcoming. The maintenance team is accommodating and excellent. We like the location and the amenities here."
"The complex has multiple places to gather and the clubhouse by far one of the best in town.Friendly staff always there to answer any questions. Clean and safe place to live."
"Everyone has been so wonderful and helpful. The residents here are very nice and it feels like a community. The club house and pool area are great and very clean as well."
"Great place. Very friendly and professional staff. They make everything super easy. The apartments are just beautiful. Great view of the flat irons from the complex."
"Great apartment! Nice design and wonderful amenities. Great staff working on property! They're always very helpful with answering any questions you might have!"
"I love living here! I am so happy with my apartment and its location. It’s so beautiful here and I love the attention to detail. The amenities are amazing and the community is wonderful."
"Great community, nice amenities, all around good vibe. Maintenance team is phenomenal. Valet trash is a little confusing and inconvenient but otherwise the whole experience has been great"
"The amenities and club house are very nice and welcoming. The apartments have a lot of natural light which is great for plants and also reduces electricity costs."
"Amazing amenities and staff! It’s my first time living alone and they’ve went above and beyond to accommodate me. The coffee machine is amazing, even though I’ve only figured out how to make espresso so far lol."
"We have been here for about 2 months and it’s been great! Leasing and maintenance have been very helpful with a few minor issues and the complex and clean."
"A fun and active community that has been a blast to be a part of so far! Very nice living spaces and the amenities are a huge bonus as well!"
"The apartments are brand new and well-designed with decent weather insulation. There are lots of storage space, and the high 9-ft ceiling makes everything feel more spacious. The club house has great amenities with top-notch gym equipment. The complex is conveniently located for both cars and bike rides, not so much bus and walking as it's pretty isolated. The staff have amazing customer service and remember everyone even with masks on. They're incredibly nice, accommodating, and quite detail-oriented. Overall, we've greatly enjoyed our experience living here of all the places we've been. Some minor improvements for the builders include: better fit cabinets that can be opened/closed more smoothly and not at an angle and existing cracks; plumbing pipes can be better fit without leaking gas; water heater in the mechanic room can be more quiet without clicking and beeping everytime hot water is used; the walls can be better sound proof as to not hear people walking on the staircase."
"The apartment complex looks amazing, and the office workers are extremely helpful. However, internet and phone connections are often hard to maintain, likely due to the area of the complex."
"I had a very easy moving process and the office staff was and is very helpful. I love all the amenities and am very much looking forward to the rest of the year."
"Everything has been great so far, the amenities are awesome. The apartments are great. We love the location. The only thing were wondering is about the tvs in the clubhouse and the bikes in the gym."
"We have loved living at Alexan Diagonal Crossing so far! The management has been great, especially Alexandra in the front office. The amenities are fantastic and we love our apartment!"
"Absolutely love this place! Super friendly staff and neighbors, beautiful and practical amenities, easy access to the bike path, modern and spacey apartments with great windows/doors insulation to block the noise coming from the road. Overall, a happy tenant :)"
"it is very interesting question;) my resident experience in Colorado is not enough for argument but when Living in Denver for one year I have some observations. My previously place for living was very encouraging but unfortunately it turned out to be a student's home. Very loudly, all the time party in the night. It was very huge apartment but not for family . This place is perfect for family house, especially in this difficult and crazy time. All the conditions and common amenity favor to safe and relax. ;))"
"Great community and great amenities. We moved during the pandemic and it was incredibly seamless from start to end. Grateful for the office team and all of their help."