It’s a Wonderful Life in Boulder

Has the picture of what your ideal and wonderful life looks like become a little fuzzy? Get a clearer image and improved outlook when you make your move to Alexan Diagonal Crossing. Come feel the unmistakable quality of genuine luxury. Life is too short to settle for an approximation of happiness. Spice up your joy with three essential ingredients; a beautiful place to live, surrounded by a beautiful neighborhood, filled with things and people that you love. Enjoy luxury apartment features that make coming home your favorite part of the day. Nothing says luxury cannot make your life easier. Find the floorplan and layout that speaks to you and what you want your daily life to be like. Share your good fortune with the people you love, especially the ones on four legs. Community amenities like these are for sharing and socializing. Come and get the life you want here.

Wonderful Life

With the hottest days of summer passing away, the cooler months are around the corner. But before you pack away your sunscreen, there is still time to live your wonderful life in the amazing outdoors. The wildlife and natural spaces so many people crave are just steps from your door. Grab your binoculars and head to the Sawhill Ponds Trailhead. Perfect for birding, this pond and trail area also offers great fishing spots and ample space to commune with nature. Nearby Walden Ponds Wildlife Habitat, also offer the same idyllic hikes. Whether your perfect afternoon is hitting the trails and getting away from it all, or gathering group together for a pond-side picnic, you are in luck. These natural ponds and trails are also great for best friend on four legs. Let them run, romp, and frolic to their heart’s content. Come see the snow-capped Rockies reflected in the waters.

Have a wonderful life in Boulder when you live at Alexan Diagonal Crossing. Come home to a life you want to savor and enjoy.