Dine-In at the Walnut Café

sweet roll - Dine-In at the Walnut Café - pic by Allie K. on Yelp

Nothing can compare to the excitement of moving into your new luxury apartment home at Alexan Diagonal Crossing in Boulder, Colorado. Take your time easing into a relaxed pace of life in Boulder that is never dull. Spend your first weekend at Alexan Diagonal Crossing biking your new city. Try tasty dine-in at the Walnut Café and get to know a local favorite. There are plenty of upscale dining and shopping options to choose from. Wherever adventure takes you, you can always come home to stylish apartment features and soothing community amenities. Isn’t it time you found your place at Alexan Diagonal Crossing?

Walnut Café

There are so many options on the Walnut Café menu you will have to enjoy plenty of meals here to try them all. But enjoying tasty food isn’t a problem, especially with their signature pies on the menu. Their fans tell it best. Kathleen K. shares on Yelp, “Delish! It’s been a long time since I had breakfast at the Walnut Café, and I thoroughly enjoyed this visit as I had before! Everyone was on top of things. The restaurant was clean. Everyone was friendly and courteous. The menu was terrific and the service was fast and efficient. My coffee was wonderful. I had the Eggs Marcos – they were delicious. My husband had a Denver omelet, also delicious. Everyone was wearing a mask and all the other requirements for social distancing were in place. I felt totally safe going there. If you haven’t been there in awhile, go! It’s terrific!” Delicious.

Try dine-in at the Walnut Café once you move into your new luxury apartment home at Alexan Diagonal Crossing in Boulder, Colorado. Schedule your tour today!