Looking for Amazing, New Ideas to Decorate your Apartment or Home?

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Creating the perfect look for your living area can be quite difficult. Decorating requires strategizing, planning, and budgeting. Alexan Diagonal Crossing has got you covered with useful decoration techniques that will make your experience easy and enjoyable!

1 . The Idea (Decorate your new home in your mind) 

The first step to decorating is to create an idea of what you want your apartment or home to look like. If you are not sure, here are some helpful questions to get you started:

  • What makes a space feel like home to you?

    The best way to decorate a space is to make it feel like home. Whether it’s picture frames with photos or posters of your favorite band, or a house with a lot of blankets and pillows, make sure to choose decorations that will allow you to feel cozy and comfortable in your space.


  • What color scheme do you have in mind?

    (ex. you could do orange and white and black, or pink and gray, etc.) There are a few tricks when it comes to choosing a good color scheme. First, you should have multiple colors (two or three, the maximum should be four or five). At least two of the colors need to compliment each other. If you have more than two, make sure the other colors contrast the two compliments. An example of a well organized color scheme can be seen below.


  • How much art would you like? 

    Every person has a different preference about the amount of art they like. For example, some people do not want art in their living areas at all, and that is perfectly okay. On the contrary, others like their walls filled with art. The amount of art you include in your apartment is solely based on your preference. First, it is important for you to express yourself when choosing your art. If you have a fun, outgoing personality, don’t buy bland art, it will not make your space feel like home. Similarly, if you have a simple personality, buy simple art or else you can begin to feel overwhelmed if your artwork is chaotic. Choose the art that you’re drawn to. Moreover, art is also important for your color scheme. Often times, art is the determining factor of what your color scheme will be. If you have a large blue painting, you’ll want your room to compliment the art and should choose blue pillows or a blue rug, as seen below.

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  • Do you need an office space?

    Depending on the size of your living quarters, planning an office space may or may not be the hardest task. Specifically smaller spaces often require more planning. If you want to create an office space, you will a need good sized desk (if you have a lot of files, get a desk with drawers or a cute file cabinet). Next, you will need a comfy chair that looks good with your desk. If your desk is facing a wall, it is always encouraged to decorate the wall. Most common office decorations are family photos, or inspirational photos that motivate you. Lastly, it is important you clean up your files and organize your office items, but after working make sure you have something on your desk. This can be your pen holder and other office items such as a stapler or tape. Another idea is to place some plants on your desk, or framed photos.


  • How much furniture can you fit in your space? 

    No matter this size of your space, it is always important to fit the correct amount of furniture. Too little of furniture can make your space seem cold and unwelcoming, and too much furniture can make your space seem overwhelming.  Some tips for setting the correct amount of furniture: there needs to be enough space between furniture items for you to move about comfortably. There also needs to be enough furniture where there is not a lot of exposed flooring. For example, if your living room has a lot of empty space, you will be able to see much of the floor clearly. This often makes homes feel less cozy.

2. Planning (Decorate your new home on paper)

Now that you have an idea in your head, it is time to shop! Window-shopping and browsing stores is the best way to plan. This way you can explore different options and even different color schemes. Shopping is the step that actually determines whether your idea is reasonable or not.

Before you purchase anything, make sure you have viewed and considered as many options as possible. This will lower the chances of wanting to redecorate in the future.

Here is a guide (in order) of what to begin browsing for:

Living Room Decorations:
  • Couch
  • Coffee Table
  • Side Chairs or Ottomans
  • TV Stand
  • Art
  • Plants, Lamps, other space fillers
  • Pillows and Throws
  • Smaller Decorations
Kitchen Decorations:
  • Barstools or Dining Table
  • Coffee makers or tea sets
  • Pots and Pans (make sure you have enough cabinet spaces)
  • Plates, Cups
  • Utensils and Smaller Kitchen Items
Bedroom(s) Decorations:
  • Bed Frame
  • Nightstands
  • Seating (benches or chairs if you have room)
  • Mirror
  • TV (if you want one in the room)
  • Art
  • Smaller Decorations

Once you have found items you like, compare the items to each other and make sure all the colors fit your intended color scheme. The last step is to make sure all the decorations and furtniture fit into your budget. If they do not, be sure to look online at other stores or choose a similar item that may not be as pricey.

To conclude, no matter which tips and trick you choose to utilize, it is important for your apartment or home to make you happy. You do not need to follow a color scheme if you don’t want to, or you don’t need to have a limit on furniture. The beauty of decorating is that there so many options and each one can be just as beautiful as the other.