Blackbelly near Alexan Diagonal Crossing

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Book a table at Boulder’s legendary Blackbelly for dining made to remember. In their own words “In November 2014, award-winning Chef Hosea Rosenberg evolved his esteemed Boulder, CO catering business, with a food truck and farm, into a long awaited, brick-and-mortar restaurant. The eatery was quickly identified as a Boulder essential, and elite dining destination in Colorado…Blackbelly works exceptionally close with local ranchers, going steps further than simply receiving and butchering whole animals. The team contributes to research and development, feeding programs, and other conditions that ensure the final product maintains the highest standards of quality, with low quantity production. For its produce, Blackbelly primarily sources within a few miles of the restaurant. These farmers provide an amazing example of Colorado’s bounty, and what they cultivate directly effects the menu decisions the chefs makes on a regular basis…Blackbelly is located in Boulder’s up and coming East Boulder neighborhood.” Treat yourself.

Enjoy Blackbelly near Alexan Diagonal Crossing and satisfy your craving for the extraordinary. Have the lifestyle you want in the beautiful home you deserve – opening 2020.