A March of Halloween Monsters in Boulder


One of the best parts of Halloween is the costumes. Whether you make your own, you order your clothes online or buy them at a nearby market, or you simply leave the dress up to the kids, the colorful outfits and homages that fill the suburbs are always a joy to admire. Our luxury apartments at Alexan Diagonal Crossing will be close to the heart of Boulder, so you make the most of each holiday, Halloween included.

This year, Downtown Boulder will host its very special Munchkin Masquerade down Pearl Street on Halloween, a delight for kids and families of all ages. From 3-6pm, the entire street will be open for trick-or-treaters. Parents are encouraged to bring their kids in full costume – scary, pretty, funny, and original costumes are all welcome – and participate in the hunt for candy and other treats. In the meantime, many of Boulder’s great local restaurants, shops, and bars will remain open throughout the day, so adults can stop by during and after the event and fill up their needs. The event is entirely free, though be sure to arrive as early as possible; the streets and parking fill up very fast, but thankfully our luxury apartment homes are only five miles away from downtown, a mere fifteen-minute drive.

Make the most of Halloween and any holiday here at Alexan Diagonal Crossing. Participate in the Boulder Munchkin Masquerade this Halloween and sign up for our luxury apartment pre-lease offers online before we open next year.